Subscription to AIRINOV FARMING betatest program

Subscription to AIRINOV FARMING betatest program

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AIRINOV FARMING bêtatest program subscription, from 19€/month; payable in one annual subscription, 12 months commitment, renewable.
Tools included: Flight Uploader (desktop uploader), Mobile app Map-IN (online map visualisation with GPS positionning)

AIRINOV FARMING subscription gives you access to AIRINOV services for Precision Ag by drone:
- Demeter - vegetation cover : observation offer of the state of play of your crops, 1 index (NDVI), ground resolution 30cm/pix
- Persephone - crop monitoring : vegetation growth monitoring, 3 indexes (NDVI, NDRE, GNDVI), ground resolution 30cm/pix
- Cybele - crop damages : crop damages mapping, 2 indexes (NDVI, MNS), ground resolution 30cm/pix

AIRINOV FARMING web-platform makes it possible to:
- clip each dataset on your plots and upload your SEQUOIA or multiSPEC datasets
- to sum up your data per farm
- to follow the data processing of each plot
- to obtain high-quality results thanks to the AIRINOV calibration target

How does it work?:
- I upload my datasets per parcel for free
- I easily use my results: results available as PDF reports, online visualisation and mobile app map visualisation
- I only process the useful data: manual clipping or KML import for each plot
- I obtain results adaptaded to what I need: fixed ground resolution, combination of index according to the thematic
- I upload my datasets safely, whatever the speed of my internet connection: upload of your data through a desktop uploader
- I can go futher in the agronomic experience: access under conditions to AIRINOV N-recommendation offers (on availability, please consult

Acces codes communicated by email within 72h.
General terms of use:

WATCH OUT: Radiometric calibration target is mandatory for the use of AIRINOV services. A target is included with all SEQUOIA sensors. If you don't own one, please contact your Parrot reseller or go on